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About Delbert Ballou

Delbert Ballou has enjoyed a diverse career since he entered the workforce in 2001. He has held positions in numerous industries and currently owns a shipping and freight-forwarding business in Chicago, Illinois, called Milo Freight Services. As owner, Mr. Ballou handles all facets of the company and has overseen day-to-day operations since its inception in 2008. Delbert Ballou began his career as an Administrative Assistant for a small Hawaii-based group of investors called Capital Research Group, Inc., providing valuable services to homeowners and assisting with the loan application process. Mr. Ballou also acted as an Administrative Assistant and Accounting Clerk for LL Builders LLC and as a Legal Assistant for the law firm Motooka Yamamoto & Revere, roles in which he managed data entry, document filings, and a variety of other administrative tasks. In addition, Mr. Ballou spent time as a Loan Processer for Jeffrey Samuels Realty LLC, where he facilitated the application process and coordinated appraisals and insurance for properties. His next professional undertaking brought him to DM Insurance as a Senior Insurance Agent. In this capacity, he took responsibility for coordinating auto and homeowners insurance policies for his customers. Delbert Ballou holds an Associate degree in Art History from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Several years after graduating, he returned to school and enrolled at Hawai’i Pacific University. Mr. Ballou obtained his degree in international business and economics in 2006, balancing his coursework with his professional endeavors. Aside from his work, Delbert Ballou generously supports The American National Red Cross. This organization, founded in 1881, remains the top emergency response outfit in the country and offers care to victims of war and natural disasters as well as other services. Mr. Ballou volunteers for the organization on part-time basis. In his free time, he also enjoys seeing movies and reading, as well as working out and running. He has competed in two marathons. Mr. Ballou’s plans for the future include earning his Master of Business Administration within the next year and traveling outside the United States.

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